Sunday, April 24, 2011


You have one more week to see the art that's on the walls now. See previous posts for details.

The artists for May are painters Mary-B Ferl & Joy Flowers . You can see their work beginning May 3--June 4--

Here's what they have to say about what they do----

Mary-B Ferl---
100% of the pictures I paint are happy accidents. Rarely do any of my paintings turn out as I had envisioned them. So, it's a big surprise every time. What could be more fun than that ?

Joy Flowers--
My love for painting began way back in my childhood with paint by numbers....then turned to painted wood items that I sold at craft fairs. I am basically self-taught but I did take some classes for the oil painting. Now I have evolved into water colors & acrylics. I don't stick to any one subject. I guess it's just what catches my eye at the moment. I especially enjoy painting landscapes & nature.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


April artists are in the restaurant now.

Here are some images of Lorelei's mixed media pieces--

Her website is linked in previous post ---as well as her & Kathleen's artist statements.


The new art is up & it is oh so cool.

Encaustic & oil cats by Kathie Wobie --

here are some images from the restaurant show ---but be sure to check out her website ( link in previous post ) for pictures by somebody who knows how to use a camera. ( just not my thing ----but i honestly am getting better)