Monday, December 12, 2011


Hey Folks --
The new art is up & it's a great show.
Satchel & Lennie Kesl---you can read more about them in previous post.

Also --don't forget about checking out the array of stocking stuffers & other holiday treasures at Lightnin' Salvage Enterprises behind the restaurant.
Some images from Satchel's latest work--

And now --here's Lennie----

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well, folks, it's that time of year again.
Our own Satchel Raye & his good pal & artist , Lennie Kesl , will be showing their latest work.

This is always a fun , lively , & energy-filled show.
I suggest you check it out----starting Tuesday December 6.

Here is a bit about them---

Satchel Raye:I am an artist who opened a pizza place to make a living. These days with parenting & running a restaurant I only find time for about 8 paintings a year.. I've been alternating between symmetrical & asymmetrical each year & this year they are asymmetrical. Also I often work with paper & fabric making collage that I also paint on. This year I've got 4 collages & 4 paintings. After finishing a painting it usually goes behind the door of my bedroom & so I enjoy the chance to get the years work up on the walls & look at it all together. As for the content, basically I just enjoy the interplay of shapes & colors to create a feeling.... usually  somehow connected to my state of mind. While they are all purely abstract often they do resemble "something".

Lennie Kesl--
Lennie, an icon of sorts in the Gainesville art scene, studied at L'Atelier Fernand lager in Paris ( France that is )in 1949--& at the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1956-1957. He earned his MFA from Michigan State University in 1957.
"I went all over the place", Kesl said ," Alaska, Cincinnati, Montana. I was an art teacher for 35 years. I retired at 65 & became free to paint , sleep alot, read alot, & do whatever i want".
Lennie taught at UF from 1968-1972-----& at Santa Fe College from 1972-1981.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


New art is up.     This is some of the art of Andrew Masseo--

Jason Armadillo did the following pieces---

Saturday, November 5, 2011


New art will be up beginning tuesday november 8----showing through saturday december 3.

Artists are --
Andrew Masseo  &
Jason Armadillo

Artist statements below--

Jason Armadillo--

Jason Armadillo has been a resident of Gainesville on & off for over 20 years & studied at the Savannah College of Art & Design. He has created numerous pieces of art for people around town, the U.S., & overseas. He describes himself as a "cartoony" illustrator & mainly works in the realm of monsters & animals. As influences & inspirations, he sites the work of Leonardo da Vinci , the Dutch Masters for their attention to detail, the animation of Looney Tunes directors Chuck Jones & Bob Clampett & numerous comic artists from the last 100 years.
When not drawing or painting creatures, he is taking care of his 5 year old twins , Jack & Joe; practicing with his band "Half-Crocked"; or scrambling around trying to figure out what to make for dinner before his wife gets home from work.
Jason Armadillo's blog is periodically updated with new art & can be found at :

Andrew Masseo--

Masseo's artistic expression reflects a dismantling of the orchestrated precision & execution found in most general works of art . A reconstruction of one's ideas of beauty & sensibility into a landscape enmeshed with natural & geometrical forms. These compositions are infused with an intuitive emergence of harmonious color & composition.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


The photos of the current art are in the previous post.
You might want to check out the last few posts to follow my riveting process.


Harimander Khalso's work----

 Leslie Ward's work-----much more to see from both artists.


I know how to take pictures & then put them into my computer.
After that it's a crap shoot.
The pictures could be anywhere---like in the middle of pictures I took 2 years ago.
Friends say I need to organizes files.
Easy for them to say.
So now that you know this , you should be impressed that any picture ever makes it's way to this blog.
But , ever the optimist , I will keep trying.


October art is up . It will be here through November 5th.
Art by Leslie Ward & Harimandir Khalsa.
Their artist statements are in the previous post.
I'm having a little camera/computer trouble .
Photos will be up soon. I promise.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Beginning Oct 4 the new art will go up in the restaurant. This show will run through Nov 7.

The artists are friends, Harimandir Khalsa & Leslie Ward.
Their statements follow--

Local artist Harimandir Khalsa (pronounced har-e-mun-der call-sa) has made her home in north-central Florida for over 30 years. She has been painting murals, both interior and exterior, residential and commercial, for much of that time. Her best known local murals are the endangered species HERE TODAY mural located on theTown Tire building at NW 8th ave and 6th street and A PICTORIAL of HAWTHORNE painted on the south facing wall of M & S Bank in Hawthorne. In addition to murals Khalsa also creates paintings on canvas.
These most recent paintings draw inspiration from ancient circular designs known as mandalas. Mandalas have been used for centuries as mystical focal points that illustrate the universe and serve as portals into deeper levels of awareness. These paintings are expressions of some of Khalsa's own urges toward emotional and spiritual evolution joined with a desire to inspire the viewer to explore  their own internal universes. Her themes include man and nature, time and space, healing and being. Her subjects are both representational and dream-like. The meticulous, formally constructed paintings begin with carefully prepared surfaces on linen stretched over custom made stretchers. Her fool the eye technique carries over to the framing.
For the past many years Khalsa's personal artistic goals have included drawing attention to the beauty and mystery of our natural world, to the multi-dimensional layering of time, and to the inner process of becoming ever more present. Her work draws the viewer into a clear, deep and mysterious world of the subtle and the sublime while blurring the line between the dream and the dreamer.
Harimandir Khalsa, September 18, 2011

Leslie Ward - Glass Artist
Leslie showed interest in the arts at an early age. At the age of five, Her mother responded by enrolling her in art classes at the Museum of  Modern Art in Manhattan, as well as giving her piano lessons. She vacillated between music and art for many years. For several decades, Leslie’s aesthetic feeling found expression in music. She played piano and guitar while working in New York City’s music industry. Eventually, her love of color and sense of design drew her back to the visual arts. In 1985, she took a class in stained glass and was mesmerized by the endless array of color and light. She has been working with the medium ever since.
 Leslie employed traditional stained glass methods for several years, then  started experimenting with mosaics. Her current technique incorporates a combination of these two methods, creating a unique style of glass artwork. She loves using color, and often uses vibrant colored mirror and irridized glass in her work. Tumbled glass, which has a muted look similar to “beach glass”, is often used as a background in which the bright colors can “pop”.
Leslie now incorporates pieces of functional art into her collection. She is currently creating pieces including console tables, wine racks, lazy susans and serving trays. The lazy susans and trays are espcecially  interesting as they can be enjoyed in two ways: either hung on the wall as art or on the table as functioning pieces.
She loves working with individual clients on custom pieces. She collaborates closely with her husband Ray, who assists in design and builds the original pieces for her to work on. They work together in their country home studio in Interlachen, Florida.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


.Here are a few images from the art currently in the restaurant. These are framed pages from the journals of the artists ---which they call Journey Daybooks. Read more about what they are doing in the previous post.

Friday, September 2, 2011


The next art in the restaurant will be on display September 6--October 3.

This will be a very interesting group show.
They call what they do
                         The Journey Daybook

Journey Daybook, Inc is a non-profit corporation founded by artist/writer Peggy Herrick. This corporation is committed to teaching, learning, & sharing the practice of created illustrated journals called journey daybooks.
Honoring the belief that art is a universal language , the Journey Daybook learning cooperative offers participants a heightened sensibility of themselves & the world around them. Participants learn the process of making & illustrating a personal journal in order to discover their artistic sensibilities. This process nurtures the spirit , serves as a catalyst for greater harmony & provides a unique artistic legacy. The Journey Daybook includes four elements : the journey; contemplation ;being present; & working alone. New participants learn the process at retreats that are held regularly somewhere away from home. Alumni adventures are hosted each month by different alumni at interesting sites near home.
The Journey Daybook enhances our ability to slow down & reflect , expands our world , & creates opportunities for us to  reach out to others. This practice can be done at any time, in any place ----from humble places in our own communities to exotic, foreign lands. Our outreach has included working with at-risk youths, Hospice residents, school groups in florida, children & adults in Cuba, & a children's home in Peru. We also enjoy collaborating with groups who share a similar vision , through thoughtfully planned retreats & exhibits.
For more information about Journey Daybook , Inc , please visit our website :

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hey ya'll---
Check the previous post for more info.
Can't get my computer to behave.

Here are images of the work of Danielle Heslep----up in the restaurant until September 3.


Hey everybody---you are out there, right ?
I know , I know --it's very late to get the photos up of current art,
I've been in Peru for 3 weeks-------pretty good excuse don't you think---( more later on Peru & the art I saw there)

BUT-----you still have all next week to see the really cool art in the restaurant--August 30--September 3.

Here are some images of the work of Natacha Monnalisa:

My computer is acting weird so the work of Danielle Heslep is in different post.

Monday, August 1, 2011

What's Next ?

The art for August will be up on August 9 through September 3.

The artists are
Danielle Heslep (Zawoy) &
Natacha Monnalisa

Their artist statements follow.

Natacha Monnalisa---

I am an artist from the Dominican Republic & currently reside here in Gainesville. My style is a unique combination of vibrant colors, clean lines, & a blend of surrealism, realism, & abstract designs that illustrate my experiences. My drawings are the basis & blueprints to all my paintings. The drawings are kept simple through a minimal use of lines which are just enough to convey feelings & ideas in a whimsical & fantasy like manner. When transferred onto canvas , my medium of choice is acrylic due to its versatility & adaptability to a variety of uses & methods , as well as its high resistance to the elements. Acrylics can give me crisp colors , which I use to add impact & boldness , or can also act as watercolors permitting me to add an air of calmness & tranquility to the piece.
However I am not faithful to just one type of medium. Depending on the piece at hand , I may choose to use watercolors,inks, pencils, wood-burning stained glass, mosaics or a combination of some or all. Regardless of the media utilized in my pieces, the artwork remains true to my form & style. In the past year, I completed several series (each containing over twenty mini drawings & paintings) that explore, reflect, & embrace all the experiences , feelings & emotions that make us who we are,.
Overall, art is my ultimate expression & greatest passion !

Danielle Heslep (Zawoy)--

Local artist, Danielle Heslep has enjoyed drawing ever since she could pick up a pencil. She works with a wide variety of media : graphite, charcoal, soft pastels, pen & ink & acrylic paint , watercolor, granite engraving, & digitally creating art with Photoshop. Some of her favorite styles to create in are manga & combining realistic components into surreal/ fantasy artwork.
Currently Mrs. Heslep is majoring in Graphic Design at Santa Fe College. On May 28, 2011, she was married to Jeff Heslep who helps her achieve her goals & dreams. They currently reside in High Springs , Florida where Danielle teaches art & guitar to many wonderful students. Going forward, she plans to continue developing her own illustration business as an artist & graphic designer, blending together the best of digital & traditional art forms. Danielle also plans to continue teaching; it is one of her greatest joys to show others how to have fun while creating , learning, & expressing oneself through art & music.
To see more of Mrs. Heslep's artwork, please check out her website : http://cyberange18deviantart>co

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Art by Chelsea Sydow & Sandra Murphy-pak is now up in the restaurant-----until August 6.
Their artist statements can be found in previous post.

Chelsea's art--


Sandra's art---

Friday, July 1, 2011


The art change-out will happen on July 11---& be up until August 6---

The artists are Sandra Murphy-pak---&
Chelsea Sydow

Their statements follow---

Sandra Murphy-pak--
My work is about faraway places. It is an homage to hand built architecture from around the world. These hand colored , cut & pasted works are simple snapshots of the beautiful world beyond my own.

Chelsea Sydow--
Chelsea Sydow is a local artist . She moved to Gainesville seven years ago & fell so in love with the community she has decided to never leave (thanks in large part to Satchels wonderful pizza & atmosphere )! She is a third grade teacher & is inspired everyday by her students.

I (Judy) say we are so lucky to have such wonderful work done by such grand folks grace our walls every month.
Thank you all.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


New art on the walls --

Artists are Sam Saxon & Jill Murphree-Leitner--
Check out some of their work --as well as something about them in previous posts.
some of Sam's work.


Art by Sam Saxon & Jill Murphree-Leitner on the walls now --
Check previous post for info on the artists.

some of Jill's work .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


June art will be on the walls beginning tuesday june 6---& running through Saturday July 9---

The artists are Jill Murphree-Leitner & Sam Saxon

below are their statements:

Sam Saxon is a landscape artist who lives in Gainesville & has been involved in art since junior high school. He has been in the Melrose Paint Out & has shown at the Artisan's Guild. He is currently working in oil & acrylic.
You can e-mail him at

Jill Murphree-Leitner is a Gainesville native & UF graduate of Fine Arts. Her award-winning oil paintings are usually bright & colorful with a subject matter that holds personal meaning for her. A memory from  childhood or a specific place visited during travels, these are the artists favorite subjects to paint.

Monday, May 2, 2011


New art is up in the restaurant. Come in & take a look .
May artists are Mary-B Ferl & Joy Flowers.
Some of Mary-B's work:

Some of Joy's work :