Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's Up ?

The new art is up in the restaurant.

You can read about the current artists in the previous post.

A few pieces of the art of Courtney Hammer :

Now the art of Elizabeth Wilson:

Friday, February 3, 2012

What's Next ?

You have only one more day---sat. feb. 4 to see the art of Satchel & Lennie Kesl in the restaurant.

The new art will be up beginning Tuesday february 7 through Saturday March 3.

Here is some info on the work going up.

Courtney Hammer:

I'm currently pursuing my M.A. in Museum Studies with a focus in Exhibition Design at UF. However , along with my interest in the way art is displayed, I also like to dabble in artistic endeavors myself ! I've always had an interest in the creative & that tendency manifests itself in my staunch resolve to make rather than buy things ( when possible of course ). As a result , & with the help of my lovely fiance, our home has become a product of our hard work & creative ability . The paintings this month are extensions of some hanging around the house. I wanted them to be whimsical, beautiful, & allow the viewer to get lost for a bit. Enjoy!

Liz Wilson:

Liz Wilson lived most of her life in the Northeast, moved to Gainesville in 2005, & passed away in May 2011. She was a writer & an artist. She was also a loving mother , a devoted grandmother , & a wonderful friend. She is greatly missed.
She left behind a body of work that is a testament to many of her greatest characteristics : a love for natural beauty , energetic color , & free-spiritedness. Like the subject of many of her paintings , she was in full bloom & was with us too short a time.
She loved coming to Satchel's with her family & we hope that in sharing her artwork here, others can have a little taste of her artistic spontaneity & love for life . Enjoy !