Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's Up ????

Satchel's new body of work is adorning the walls of the restaurant for December & January.
Come in & see some of what Satchel does when he's not making pizza.
He talks about his current art, as well as his friend & fellow artist, Lennie Kesl, in the previous post.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's Next???

The art in the restaurant for December & January will be the latest work of Satchel Raye.
Here is what he has to say :

I've been showing my new paintings and collage every year since about 1996.  I started showing at Leonardo's 706 when i washed dishes there.  Local artist and wild man, Lennie Kesl, would always come see my show and give me encouragement and advice.  Later when I opened Satchel's, Lennie thought it would be a good idea if we showed our art together every December and January. We had a show together every year since Satchel's opened. 
Last year Lennie had a fall and died at the age of 86.  He and I were a week away from hanging our annual show. I was able to borrow some of Lennie's works and hang that show without him.  He is sorely missed as there seems to be a spark that has gone out in this town. 
Lennie would often give me boxes of scrap material and wallpaper samples for collage.  I always seemed to have some collage material of my own to use and so those boxes collected dust. But this year I started through them and have created the bulk of my collages this year from material given to me by Lennie. In honor of him I have worked three times as hard as usual to make over 20 pieces to fill the restaurant with all new works never before displayed. 
Lennie always seemed to work 3 times as hard as anyone else and seemed to do about 3 times as much stuff as other folks. He was a sweet and funny old fellow. 

I am excited to display these 2013 works. I feel I have covered some old ground in my simple paintings, and explored deep into new territory with some of the more intricate and colorful collages.  These works eagerly express where I go when I slip out to my studio for some "unpacking."  It's as if I sort my unconscious over and over into shapes and colors, fabrics and patterns. Some days are busy and manic, others are simple and easy. I hope you find something in them. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's Up ???

There is a group show in the restaurant during November. You can read about this group in the previous post.

Some of their work:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's Next ????

Beginning next week we will have new art in the restaurant.

Here's what it will be :

      November Art Exhibit at Satchel's
"Shapes & Colors: A Group Show of Abstract Paintings "

This lively collection of paintings grew out of a class taught this year by Jenna Weston.
The works on display were created by :
Beckie Dale, Lynda Lou Simmons, Jackie Davis, Mary Fukuyama, Connie Jylanki,
Pam Smith, and Randi Cameon.

Monday, September 30, 2013

What's Up???

The artists showing in the restaurant for October are
Andrew Masseo
Jason Armadillo

Their statements are in the previous post.
Here are some examples of their work:



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's Next??

The October art that will be up in the restaurant will be the work of
Andrew Masseo & Jason Armadillo.

This is what they have to say :

I draw and paint cartoony creatures and have been doing so for over 20 years. Influenced by animation , comics, and sci-fi movies, I try to make things that both kids and adults can enjoy. I'm excited to be back again at Satchel's this October --that's "MONSTER MONTH" for me.

Although I stick to a certain style of specific looking art , I do try to experiment with different mediums. With this new series of work , I've introduced a little more variety into the mix than I have in the past.
Creations will be in a variety of media and live on various surfaces. Additionally, some pieces can be for everyday use , not simply to hang on the wall.

Expect bat wings, pointy tails, and sharp teeth.

I hope folks like it.

And in support of Halloween creatures , I will be donating a portion of my art work sales to the Lubee Bat Conservancy.(

My name is Masseo. I am a proud father of two and adoring husband to the only one. Self-taught and wrought with ardency I fight the good fight . To work. To find time to work. Painting that same picture day after week after month after year. Entrenched between the lines of sanity and calamity , sweltering in a garage adrift the citronella ether. Fans all abuzz , hands filthy with enamel, honing my methods over and over and over again. One's influences are sundry and most times due to change . Subject matter, not unlike a beloved medium , come and go --but the work , the work it never ceases. And for that I am beholden.

Friday, September 13, 2013

What's Up???

The art currently in the restaurant is the work of Natacha Monnalisa & Ani Collier.

Check out their very interesting statements in the previous post.

Some examples of their work---



Friday, August 30, 2013

What's Next???

The artists who will be showing work in the restaurant for September are-
Ani Collier & Natacha Monnalisa.

Ani's statement:

I love to dance.
I studied ballet behind the Iron Curtain in Bulgaria and arrived in USA a few months after the Wall came down.
I performed on stage for many years before photography and visual arts captured my interest.
Ballet remains my first love and now i try to dance with my pictures. It is so ethereal, a moment in time.
Exactly what a photograph can be....
Ani Collier is a dancer, choreographer, director and visual artist. She was born in Bulgaria and trained at The State Ballet School in Sofia behind the Iron Curtain before moving to USA after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990.
Ms Collier has danced principal roles in classical ballets such as ‘The Nutcracker’ and she has directed and choreographed numerous dance theater performances after she retired her pointe shoes.
 In Gainesville her photo collages have been exhibited at the Matheson Museum, Thomas Center, Hippodrome Gallery, Hector’s Gallery and others, as well as in New York, Italy and Bulgaria.

Natacha's statement:


​Natacha Monnalisa is a contemporary artist born on July 23, 1977, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Early in her childhood Natacha showed a great deal of interest in the arts, entering and winning various contests for children. In 1990, she moved to Miami, Florida, and attended the prestigious magnet school program, Design and Architecture. There she studied and excelled in the field of fashion design. Later she completed her BA and MA degrees with high honors from the University of Miami. The knowledge obtained from her studies, paired with other experiences, such as motherhood, love, travels, adventures, and curiosity for life’s mysteries have been the defining factors behind her artwork. The media of choice are acrylic on canvas, watercolor, color pencil, and ink. However, she often explores other media and crafts, such as wood-burning, hand-painted pottery, and more recently, stained glass. Natacha currently resides in the city of Gainesville, Florida.

artist statement
My style is a unique combination of vibrant colors, clean lines, and what I refer to as “abstract reality,” which is a blend of surrealism, realism, and abstract designs. My drawings are kept simple through a minimal use of lines which are just enough to convey feelings and ideas in a whimsical and fantasy-like manner. My goal is to showcase life as if seen through the eyes of a child, innocent and pure. Dream-like creatures are becoming a recurring theme in recent years, representing the unexpected, yet possible. I aim to explore, reflect, and embrace the experiences, feelings and emotions that make us who we are. I often work with acrylics, watercolors, inks, pencils, pyrography, stained glass, mosaics, or a combination of some or all. Regardless of the media utilized in my pieces, the artwork remains true to my form and style. Overall, art is my ultimate expression and my greatest passion!​

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What's Up??

The art currently in the restaurant is by Sandra Murphy-Pak & Jo Tufts.
Here are examples of their work:



Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The artists who are up next --for August---are Sandra Murphy-Pak & Jo Tuffs.

Their statements--

Sandra Murphy-Pak

I am deeply inspired by the beauty of our world, and patterns in nature. I dream of the far away and little known places, and am equally inspired by my visits to Rwanda and Guatemala and the hard working, beautiful and strong women I have come to know there.
In my work I hope to reflect something of these inspirations .

Jodini's Drawings

Jo Tuffs, drawing from a 30 year career as a Gainesville performer, aka Jodini, is now offering her original works of art. The colors of her art embody the enchantment of her professional performances as Jodini the magician and BoBo Jo the Clown. Jodini's family consists of her husband, John, and her two sons Jeff and jason, all of whom are adept at juggling , ballon sculpture , and the art of magic.

Friday, July 5, 2013

What's Up ????

The July artists are Chelsea Sydow & Matt Herman.

Read what they have to say in the previous post.

Here are some examples of their work :
(Come check it out )



Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's Next ???

The artists for July are Chelsea Sydow & Matt Herman.

their statements ----


Matt's lived in gainesville on and off since 1989 and has been creating carnival games, pinball art , and bike stunts for years. These pieces are inspired by his childhood at the Jersey Shore , playing pinball and laying quarters on the gaming wheels. The bicycle wheels are all salvaged from peoples trash and the majority of the wood used has come from scrap piles. The stencils are shot with spray paint using paper on Mylar stencils created from photographs.


I have been living in Gainesville for 9 years after I came here for college and decided not to leave . I have been painting random pictures and murals ever since. Gainesville is a melting pot of musicians and artists and I have always been inspired here. I am also inspired by color, optimism, and my students. I teach third grade and love Satchel's and am so thankful for a place that supports local artists AND has great pizza. : )

Saturday, June 15, 2013

WHAT'S UP ????

June artists are Elizabeth Wilson & Todd Bicker.

You can read their statements in the previous post.

Here are some examples of their work:

Todd Bicker--

 Elizabeth Wilson--

Friday, June 7, 2013

What's Next ???

The artists of the month for June are Liz Wilson & Todd Bicker.
Some words about their work :

Liz Wilson--

Liz Wilson lived most of her life in the Northeast, moved to gainesville in 2005 , & passed away in May 2011. She was a writer & an artist. She was also a loving mother, a devoted grandmother, & a wonderful friend. She is greatly missed. She left behind a body of work that is a testament to many of her greatest characteristics : a love for natural beauty, energetic color, & free-spiritedness. Like the subject of many of her paintings , she was in full bloom & was with us too short a time. She loved coming to Satchel's with her family & we hope that in sharing her art work here, others can have a little taste of her artistic spontaneity & love for life. Enjoy !

Todd Bicker--

Native born Todd Bicker has been picture framing on & off for twenty years. After having owned 3 separate art galleries in South Florida he moved to Gainesville & got involved in The Repurpose Project. His involvement sparked an idea to use reclaimed wood from historic houses he remodels as a contractor. Milling, sanding & finishing oak , maple, & heart pine is a labor of love which can be seen in his work. The show at Satchel's Pizza is comprised of historic photographs of Gainesville using at least 80% reclaimed materials. Each frame is custom made & has a story behind the materials used  Each photograph has a unique story behind it as well. Come by & look & learn about this wonderful city we live in & above all, learn how to re-use, reclaim & Repurpose !

Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's Up ????

The art in the restaurant is by friends Herb Bressack, Haydn Larson,& Nandipriya Sikdar.
Here are some photos of their work:

Nandipriya ---


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's Next????

The next show in the restaurant is three friends who have this to say:
During the month of May, a show entitled Bridge will be on view at Satchel's.
The show includes paintings and drawings by Herb Bressack and Nandipriya Sikdar, as well as assemblages and sculptures by Haydn Larson. The show focuses on each artist's diverse skills and the bridges between them which point toward a common goal.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Up ???

The artists showing their work in the restaurant for April are good friends, Noon Jordan & Jennifer Gullion.
 You can read their statements in the previous post.
Here are some images of their work:



Monday, April 1, 2013

What's Next???

The artists for April are Noon Jordan & Jennifer Gullion.

 Their statements:

 Noon: Scavenging things excites me. I see so much raw beauty and potential. I find calm in working with my hands and piecing things together. Before every roadkill animal I reuse I sing it a song and let it know I will respect it. " Just listen to the warm".

 Jennifer: I'm just another girl looking for ways to channel my creativity . Lately I've been inspired to work with LED lights to make safe and longer lasting light display. I hope my work has a positive affect on people and is enjoyed. Keep the inspiration! And many thanks!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's Up???

The art currently in the restaurant is by Robert Ponzio. His statement is in the previous post. Here are some images of his work: