Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's Next ?

We have a tradition here at Satchel's that the artists who show their work during December & January are long-time, good friends Satchel Raye & Lennie Kesl. Sadly, Lennie passed away last week. But his work --as well as Satchel's-- will still be shown beginning Tuesday December 4. Please stop by.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The artists currently showing in the restaurant are Shawn Maschino & Alexis Dodd. Below are some images of their work. I have never claimed to be much of a photographer & i certainly prove it here. I even enlisted a couple of folks at work to give it a go & they didn't do any better ( the glare). So hopefully this will give you enough of a sense of this interesting work that you will be forced to come in & have a pizza & see what it REALLY looks like. The first two images are Shawn's---the second two are Alexis'.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


New art will be up in the restaurant beginning tuesday november 6. The artists are Alexis Dodd & Shawn Maschino. Here is their statement: Alexis Dodd & Shawn Maschino , of Circle Square studios, and creators of the " VIP Booth" table in Lightnin Salvage, display new work through November. This show features a process we have been developing over the last year,using scrap wood from larger production jobs to create art work. Creating designs and patterns with the wood , that we then encase in epoxy. The epoxy is stained or dyed with spices ( i.e. smoked paprika, cumin, curry, and old bay ) in order to create a more organic color palette. You may be familiar with the bar top that they created for the Top restaurant as well as Big Lou's with this process. Long term artists and contributors to the community, Alexis and Shawn have recently been trying to fortify Circle Square ( 108 S.W. 6th St.) as an artistic and functional object production facility to serve the community.