Thursday, March 31, 2011


The artists for April are long time friends Kathleen Wobie & Lorelei Esser. They also just happen to be long time friends of mine. ( 1974??!!!)
Their work will be on the walls of the restaurant beginning Tuesday April 5 through Saturday April 30.
This will be a great show ---don't miss it. 

Artists statements follow ---plus check out their websites for a preview---

Kathleen Wobie---

After a run on her litter of encaustic cats this fall Kathleen Wobie has resurfaced with a new group of homeless characters that she's taking out for a pizza & a look at the local scene . Drop by, have a look & rescue one of these critters.

Lorelei Esser--

I see my present work as a Display of the Sustainable Spirit. Creating form from energy that has been dormant , lost or fallen from an animal or tree, from the sea, washed up & breaking down, man-made materials left behind to rust , rot or wear away, making it's way , rock to grain , to the eternal .
These things that we see as lifeless are in a constant state of change & gradual movement.
I gather wood, stone, plastic, metal , glass, paper, rubber, peeled paint, any material that I can read into the story. I design by form & find , & I am amazed at what is revealed in the process, the energy has come together from the memory of what once was , a purpose , a sentimental journey, an attachment to us.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What's Up --Art by Scott Stanton, "Panhandle Slim" & Tex-his 5 year old son

Here are some images of the work currently hanging in the restaurant.
The close-up images are the work of Tex.
The wall pictures are mainly by Scott, with maybe some edges of work by Tex.
It's a wild show ---you might want to check it out.

Up through April 2.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Next ?

Upcoming artists--March 8--April 3 --will be Scott Stanton a.k.a." Panhandle Slim"& his 5 year old son, Texas Monroe.
You can read their artist statement in the previous post.

What's Up --Art by Scott Stanton, "Panhandle Slim" & Tex-his 5 year old son

here is scott's artist statement : 
"My name is Scott Stanton "Panhandle Slim" and I am from North Florida just next 
door to Alabama. I live in Savannah,GA now with my family. I like to paint ART 
for FOLK. I have been painting these paintings on plywood for a long time. 
It's a good feeling just knowing that my paintings are hanging in peoples' 
homes, buisnesses and offices across the world. My paintings have landed in the 
hands of some famous folk and some common folk. One person(a Georgia fan) even 
bought one of my paintings(Bear Bryant) so he could break it in two pieces. 
 peace and take care, 
"Panhandle Slim" " 
tex's statemnent: