Friday, May 8, 2015

What's Up ????

The artists currently showing their work in the restaurant are
Beatriz Ramos & Amy Moon

Here are some examples of their work--



Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's Next ???

The artists who will be showing their work beginning Tuesday May 5th are
Beatriz Ramos
Amy Moon

Here is what they say about their work--


I feel fortunate to be an observer of life.  Puffy clouds in a big blue sky, sunrise over the ocean, bright sand glimmers as the tide pulls back…  This world invites us to endless possibilities of pleasure for the eyes to see. 

I’ve found my happy place with photography. Feast your eyes, and enjoy.


Throughout my life, art has always surrounded me.  From my mother's side of well know sculptors to my father's side of famous landscape painters, I have continued the tradition.  Growing up in Miami, Florida my Cuba-born father, Felix Ramos kept his art close by in his home studio as well as rented space for commissioned murals.

From art gallery exhibits, exclusive studio lessons, and a famous mural at Bacardi in Bermuda, my father has always inspired the people around him, including myself.

For the past decade I have studied painting under numerous acclaimed artists.  I enjoy painting landscapes and still-life in acrylic and oil.  My favorite subjects are the beautiful Florida landscapes and fruits. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's Up ???

The artists currently showing work in the restaurant are
Esau Rodriguez & Mercedes Neibaur.
Here are some examples of their work--



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's Next??

The art that will be in the restaurant for the month of April is by-

Mercedes Neibaur & Esau Rodriguez.

Here are their statements--


Mercedes is an artist that is presenting various paintings that represent mix media and watercolors.

She has been studying art her entire life. She comes from a long tradition of art. She was born in Vic, Spain (North of Barcelona). Her father was an artist specializing in still life, portraits and landscapes using oil canvas as his medium. Out of these cobblestone streets scattered with aspiring artists was born a passion for beauty. She began her early artistic career studying in private studios in Spain. These studies included drawing and working in her father's oil studio. After coming to the US at the age of seventeen, she continued to study in the deserts of Nevada and later in Florida. She has attended Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and was a fellow at Crealdés in Winter Park, Florida. She currently studies with Linda Pence.

Has been a professional artist for 9 years in realism, controversial art and pop art. Voted one of most versatile artist of SW FL by Pulse magazine. Originally from Mexico and also a Professional Chef. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What's Up ???

The art currently in the restaurant is the work of Melissa Fair & Kelly Duncan.

Here are some examples of their work---



Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's Next ???

The artists showing work beginning March 3rd are
Kelly Duncan
Melissa Fair

Their statements:


People often ask me “So.. where do you get your ideas?”

The answer to that question is both easy, and very difficult. Visions wind and warp in my head, to eventually find a way to my hands. And then to the paintbrush and paint to materialize on the canvas. Or from the brush and ink onto paper. I get my ideas from everything.
Other art.
A conversation.
Something I've read.
Even a rusty nail in a well-worn wall can be the springboard for a new idea.

I hail from the hills and valleys of central new York, and found my way to northwest Florida to pursue flight training, and an eventual job as a flight instructor at Tyndall AFB. Flight instruction is a great job - you get to set your own hours risking death each day with students practicing stalls, take-offs and landings, and emergency procedures. But there's something about art. Like a siren whispering in my ear, it always calls me back.

I'm a largely self-taught artist. My art has been shown in New York and Florida. I've taught drawing at The Visual Arts Center of Northwest Florida, and I've done illustration work for the Buffalo Zoological Gardens and the YMCA of Rochester New York. My work is privately owned by collectors in England, Germany, and Spain, and I dearly hope to someday be as well-traveled as my art.

Kelly Duncan 2015

Melissa Fair Bio

Born in Oklahoma City in the early 80’s—the years of bad style and distasteful décor—Melissa knew right away that she wanted to design aesthetic and practical spaces. For Melissa, art is an illustration of life, a physical or emotional moment in time meant to be enjoyed by all. She attended the University of Central Oklahoma and received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, majoring in Interior Design with a minor in Art.  She worked for an architecture firm for many years and became NCIDQ certified in 2009.  Although she had been painting since high school, it wasn’t until after the birth of her second child in 2011 that her desire to express herself with paints was re-kindled.  Melissa paints with acrylic and oils while listening to all variations of music….loudly.  She enjoys painting abstracts and recently found a love for portraits.  Her goal as an artist is to transcend the mundane and express the emotions that capture life through paint. Whether it is a precious photo of someone special or a personalized interior wall mural, Melissa transforms it into a memorable artistic expression with her own special touch.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's Up ?

The artists currently showing their work are
Shayla Guthrie
Lorenka Campos.

Here are some examples of their art--



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

what's next ???

The artists showing work in the restaurant beginning February 3 are

Shayla Guthrie
Lorenka Campos

Here is what they say about their work--


Lorenka Campos is a local artist who studied  the visual arts at Florida School of the Arts. Over the past five years she has focused primarily on mobile art and is recognized as a visionary in the mobile arts community. Her work has been shown in many galleries and numerous publications in the U.S. and abroad. 

Shayla --

My name is Shayla Guthrie, and I live on the beautiful Santa Fe River. Art has always been a passion, alongside reading and writing.  I find inspiration in everything, and see beauty all around me. I try to live life to the fullest, and always see the glass as half full.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What's Up???

The artists showing their work( the walls are packed! ) now through January are
Satchel Raye
Shawn Maschino.

You can read what they have to say about their art in the previous post.

Here are some examples --



Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What's Next ???

It's almost December which means it's time for Satchel to show his latest work.
For years he shared the space with the late Lennie Kesl.
This year he has invited Shawn Maschino to join him.

Here are the statements of
Satchel Raye
Shawn Maschino--


My brain gets overloaded often enough for me to need a reset.
Painting is my favorite reset for the over-stimulated world I often create for myself. When I sit at the easel my goal is to become more blank, quiet, reflective, centered, and devoted.

I have gotten into the habit of painting for a year asymmetrically, and a year symmetrically. By painting I often mean collage elements also.  While I consider them chiefly paintings, the collage pieces help me establish a design quickly and with texture and pattern. This year is a “symmetrical” year.

The symmetrical paintings are somehow more fun and easy for me, and they reflect the joy I feel in my life, work, and family.  The asymmetrical ones are more tedious and abstract, and tend to speak of landscapes, still life’s, and invented machines.  I enjoy both pursuits equally, and feel excited when I get to put my latest 11 months of work on display.
Our world gets fuller and fuller of quick on-screen images for us to consume, and these paintings reflect my 46th year of life quite slowly.

I like to remember what a friend once told me… “You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.”  I am deliberately trying to transform that “anything” into a tangible something that takes the form of framed paintings.



I am a thirty seven year old man.  I have lived in Gainesville for seventeen years.  I started showing my work almost immediately after arriving here.  My first show was at Terranova Catering Company. Since then I have regularly shown at E'lan Hair Salon, Satchel's, 2nd St. Bakery, Circle Square Studios, The Bull, and The Wooly.  I always struggle with this part of the process...the artist statement. Answering this question is no easier than explaining what a tattoo means.  It should be fairly straight forward.  It should be easy for someone to explain something that is a part of them, but herein lies the "artist struggle".  I don't find it difficult to be an artist.  I find it difficult to define my work.  I do not buy art supplies.  I inherit them.  I find them on the street.  They are trickled down to me in the most bizarre circumstances.  They are passed when I am driving, only to be contemplated briefly while I look for a place to make a U-turn.  They are taken from the "free junk" table behind this restaurant.  Once they are in my environment it could be a matter of hours, or a matter of years before they are either turned into something to look at, or turned into trash.  

This year was a year of loss for me.  I lost my father on December 6 2013.  I also lost a six year battle with Bank of America on November 18 2014, a battle that started when I was working within the walls of this restaurant.  We, as a community, lost Lennie Kesl, who's work has classically hung here along with Satchel Rayes'.   So this show is some sort of vague anniversary and modest celebration of life after death for me.  The end of an exhausting drive through mountain hills lined with cork trees, painted and numbered.  My father was estranged for nearly 20 years. Just before his death he contacted me and wanted me to collect all of the belongings of his "studio", a small guest room in his shared home.  All of his life he painted.  The most beautiful seascapes and landscapes eventually filled his attic, some still wet with thick oils as I loaded them into a rented truck.  He thought that I could sand them down and Gesso over his work to paint my own.  I started taking those that were not finished and painting directly on top of them with spray paint and stencil.  Finishing them with my work. Painting portraits on top of seascapes allowing elements of his painting to fill in some of the space. My father never showed his work to any avail, but I did have a few shows with this body of work, and he did get to be present for one.  He ran his fingers over the paintings several times before fully realizing that his work was there as well, behind the faces.  A few months later, he was gone.  I went and gathered the remaining work.  Several hundred canvases in various states of completion, but mostly unfinished.  Frames, brushes, paint, pencils, pastels, every issue of Playboy from 1963 to today, and very few photographs or anything of personal value.  That is what I have to work with now.

Monday, November 17, 2014

What's Up ???

The artists currently showing their work in the restaurant are
Caeli Tolar & Eleanor Marshall
Their statements are in the previous post.
Here are some examples of their work:



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's Next ???

The artists showing work in the restaurant beginning November 4 ( don't forget to vote!) are--
Caeli Tolar & Eleanor Marshall.

What they have to say about their work;


"A lifetime resident of Gainesville, I was raised, educated, and now work here.  I guess you could say my roots run pretty deep in this town.  Although I have never had any training in art, I've always enjoyed sketching and painting watercolors.  I have a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Historic Preservation from the University of Florida, so my art forms naturally from my interest in art, history, and design."


Join Eleanor as her art takes you “Everywhere You Want to Be.” Look at some of the world’s favorite destinations through a fresh set of eyes. The pieces come from her extensive travels through the United States, Canada, and Europe. She loves to find interesting places and gets lost behind her lens. Her talent for seeing what others often miss makes her photographs curious. The presentation method offers the audience a nostalgic quality that awakens fond memories of their own travel experiences. At the young age of 17, Eleanor’s art reminds the weary traveler of the joy of adventure. Her only question for her audience is…… Where would you want to be? 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

What's Up ???

The art currently in the restaurant is the work of -
Jane Medved & Marie Hammer--
They write about their work in the previous post.

Here are some pictures :



Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's Next???

Jane Medved & Marie Hammer will be showing their art in the restaurant beginning October 7.
Here is what they have to say about their work :


Wood is a new medium for me.  I have been drawing and painting faces for most of my life. Recently I discovered a box full of oak palette scraps left over from my husband’s large wooden dogs.  I felt the wood clinking through my fingers, and thought, “I can do something with this.”  Once I started making faces, I kept finding different forms of wood scraps, bits of bark and sticks, old wooden objects.  I do not carve and I rarely cut.  I break and assemble and glue and screw whatever the wood suggests.  Voila! 


Jane Medved's paintings depict nature and human nature in Florida and around 
the world. Her artwork has been shown at New York's Metropolitan Museum of 
Art, Brooklyn Museum, and Museum of Arts and Design, and at Montana's 
Yellowstone Art Museum. Visit Jane’s website at 

Friday, September 12, 2014

What's Up ???

The artists currently showing their work in the restaurant are--

Kim Huebner & Emma Fulgham.
You can read what they say about their art in the previous post.

Some examples of their work :