Thursday, June 14, 2012

Now for some pictures---
see artists info in previous post--

Edie Snyder--

Val Ryals ---

Now for the art ---

Edie Snyder ( BFA -Painting , UF ) living & working in Gainesville, Florida

My work is autobiographical , each piece represents a time in my life or an event. All works are built from personal ephemera , debris & memories. These are attempts at visual non-linear story telling.

Val Ryals ( AKA TUNA COLADA) is a local artist/ musician based out of Ft McCoy , Fl, the heart of the music & art industry in North Central Florida. his age is not quite known but he's older than the moonshine flowing from them hills & maybe younger than Keith Richards. He was raised by wolves like all good artists till he reached the age of consent & consentually resigned himself to self-unemployment due to being a musician/artist. he usually paints with toothpick twigs & pointy objects & usually paints on cast off political signs, tile, plywood & sometimes sawblades.. Some say he paints in the dark but I can't confirm that. of two things he is sure though ...."art is not a contest , & people are attracted to bright shiny objects , so carry on, carry on ."

Photos of some of their work will be posted soon. Like tonite hopefully.

Come see the new art. Come eat pizza. Come listen to music & maybe try the draft beer ( 6 kinds ) at LSE.

We're happy to be back.

Thanks for all the wonderful support !

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HEY FOLKS !!!!   WE'RE BACK  !!!!

A new & improved Satchel's Pizza & Lightnin' Salvage Enterprises.

And new art.

The artists who are currently showing in the restaurant are--

Edie Snyder &
Val Ryals

More to come !!