Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well, folks, it's that time of year again.
Our own Satchel Raye & his good pal & artist , Lennie Kesl , will be showing their latest work.

This is always a fun , lively , & energy-filled show.
I suggest you check it out----starting Tuesday December 6.

Here is a bit about them---

Satchel Raye:I am an artist who opened a pizza place to make a living. These days with parenting & running a restaurant I only find time for about 8 paintings a year.. I've been alternating between symmetrical & asymmetrical each year & this year they are asymmetrical. Also I often work with paper & fabric making collage that I also paint on. This year I've got 4 collages & 4 paintings. After finishing a painting it usually goes behind the door of my bedroom & so I enjoy the chance to get the years work up on the walls & look at it all together. As for the content, basically I just enjoy the interplay of shapes & colors to create a feeling.... usually  somehow connected to my state of mind. While they are all purely abstract often they do resemble "something".

Lennie Kesl--
Lennie, an icon of sorts in the Gainesville art scene, studied at L'Atelier Fernand lager in Paris ( France that is )in 1949--& at the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1956-1957. He earned his MFA from Michigan State University in 1957.
"I went all over the place", Kesl said ," Alaska, Cincinnati, Montana. I was an art teacher for 35 years. I retired at 65 & became free to paint , sleep alot, read alot, & do whatever i want".
Lennie taught at UF from 1968-1972-----& at Santa Fe College from 1972-1981.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


New art is up.     This is some of the art of Andrew Masseo--

Jason Armadillo did the following pieces---

Saturday, November 5, 2011


New art will be up beginning tuesday november 8----showing through saturday december 3.

Artists are --
Andrew Masseo  &
Jason Armadillo

Artist statements below--

Jason Armadillo--

Jason Armadillo has been a resident of Gainesville on & off for over 20 years & studied at the Savannah College of Art & Design. He has created numerous pieces of art for people around town, the U.S., & overseas. He describes himself as a "cartoony" illustrator & mainly works in the realm of monsters & animals. As influences & inspirations, he sites the work of Leonardo da Vinci , the Dutch Masters for their attention to detail, the animation of Looney Tunes directors Chuck Jones & Bob Clampett & numerous comic artists from the last 100 years.
When not drawing or painting creatures, he is taking care of his 5 year old twins , Jack & Joe; practicing with his band "Half-Crocked"; or scrambling around trying to figure out what to make for dinner before his wife gets home from work.
Jason Armadillo's blog is periodically updated with new art & can be found at :

Andrew Masseo--

Masseo's artistic expression reflects a dismantling of the orchestrated precision & execution found in most general works of art . A reconstruction of one's ideas of beauty & sensibility into a landscape enmeshed with natural & geometrical forms. These compositions are infused with an intuitive emergence of harmonious color & composition.