Monday, January 28, 2013


For some reason the previous post appeared as one huge paragraph--which is not the way I wrote it. This has not happened before. I will try to get help fixing it ---but in the meantime there it is--one huge paragraph.

What's Next ????

You only have a few more days to see the work of Satchel Raye & Lennie Kesl in the restaurant now. New art will be up on tuesday feb 5. The February artists are -- Gianelle Gelpi & Megan Kondrath-- here are their statements: Gianelle Gelpi-- A Florida native with Hispanic roots, Gianelle is a BFA 2004 graduate of the University of Florida. She was trained in oil with a heavy influence in portraiture. After graduation, Realism seemed a bit too serious for her , so she began experimenting with acrylics which resulted in a break through in lightheartedness imagery that continues to surprise her everyday. In recent years, she has been juggling business, motherhood, and painting, something she's getting the hang of and truly enjoying. Olivia, the new and exciting little girl in Gia's life has only added more inspiration. Through a collaborative process between mother and daughter creating together, one is learning colors and basic application, the other is learning about the sense of wonderment and childlike liberation. Megan Kondrath-- From a single art class my first day of high school, my love of art, beauty, and design grew from a small spark of interest to a career. Graduating from Santa Fe College's Digital Media program with a degree in graphic design, I currently work as a freelance designer and have continued creating fine art pieces on the side. I have always been fascinated with the human mind and emotions , and the majority of my works are derived from my interpretations of them. I channel my feelings and moods into each of my pieces , however abstract they might be. I try to challenge my audience to explore their own minds, to feel the emotions I was feeling through the colors , harshness or softness of each painting.I hope to engage my viewer's mind and bring out it's inner imagination one person at a time.