Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's Next???

The art in the restaurant for December & January will be the latest work of Satchel Raye.
Here is what he has to say :

I've been showing my new paintings and collage every year since about 1996.  I started showing at Leonardo's 706 when i washed dishes there.  Local artist and wild man, Lennie Kesl, would always come see my show and give me encouragement and advice.  Later when I opened Satchel's, Lennie thought it would be a good idea if we showed our art together every December and January. We had a show together every year since Satchel's opened. 
Last year Lennie had a fall and died at the age of 86.  He and I were a week away from hanging our annual show. I was able to borrow some of Lennie's works and hang that show without him.  He is sorely missed as there seems to be a spark that has gone out in this town. 
Lennie would often give me boxes of scrap material and wallpaper samples for collage.  I always seemed to have some collage material of my own to use and so those boxes collected dust. But this year I started through them and have created the bulk of my collages this year from material given to me by Lennie. In honor of him I have worked three times as hard as usual to make over 20 pieces to fill the restaurant with all new works never before displayed. 
Lennie always seemed to work 3 times as hard as anyone else and seemed to do about 3 times as much stuff as other folks. He was a sweet and funny old fellow. 

I am excited to display these 2013 works. I feel I have covered some old ground in my simple paintings, and explored deep into new territory with some of the more intricate and colorful collages.  These works eagerly express where I go when I slip out to my studio for some "unpacking."  It's as if I sort my unconscious over and over into shapes and colors, fabrics and patterns. Some days are busy and manic, others are simple and easy. I hope you find something in them. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's Up ???

There is a group show in the restaurant during November. You can read about this group in the previous post.

Some of their work: