Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's Up ???

The artists currently showing their work in the restaurant are
Jacquelyn Valentine & Nicola Barseleau.
You can read their statements in the previous post .

Some examples of their work---



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What's Next??

The artists showing their work beginning July 8th are
Nicola Barsaleau
Jacquelynn Valentine

Here their statements:


My art is a montage of what I envision and capture.
Each piece is its own statement. Sometimes it is
about color and its moods, sometimes it is about the
decisive moment of action, sometimes it is the pure
white light contrasted with deep shadows and shapes.
I like my images to be raw and vital, a place for the
eye and mind to rest on.
For over 3 decades I have been collecting art, creating
interior design, graphic design and photography.
The past 14 years my husband, Vince and I have focused
on sports photography, traveling internationally and throughout
the US.  We would take time to seek out artistic visions throughout
our travels.
Our desire is to create art and present it in galleries, shows and online.
The artist JV
Jacquelynn Valentine

I create linocuts. These are carved blocks, rolled with ink and then printed by hand. I first came in contact with this art form in South Africa, where I grew up. Linocuts are a perfect medium for a strong social message. And the bold imagery of a linocut goes well with activism. When I lived in London, I learnt to make my own and I’ve been making them ever since. Most of us are familiar with traditional prints from illustrated books created before the digital age, and so they also hold an enduring, self-sufficient quality.  I love sharing my work locally, and I’ll also have some paintings up!