Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's Next ???

The artists showing work beginning March 3rd are
Kelly Duncan
Melissa Fair

Their statements:


People often ask me “So.. where do you get your ideas?”

The answer to that question is both easy, and very difficult. Visions wind and warp in my head, to eventually find a way to my hands. And then to the paintbrush and paint to materialize on the canvas. Or from the brush and ink onto paper. I get my ideas from everything.
Other art.
A conversation.
Something I've read.
Even a rusty nail in a well-worn wall can be the springboard for a new idea.

I hail from the hills and valleys of central new York, and found my way to northwest Florida to pursue flight training, and an eventual job as a flight instructor at Tyndall AFB. Flight instruction is a great job - you get to set your own hours risking death each day with students practicing stalls, take-offs and landings, and emergency procedures. But there's something about art. Like a siren whispering in my ear, it always calls me back.

I'm a largely self-taught artist. My art has been shown in New York and Florida. I've taught drawing at The Visual Arts Center of Northwest Florida, and I've done illustration work for the Buffalo Zoological Gardens and the YMCA of Rochester New York. My work is privately owned by collectors in England, Germany, and Spain, and I dearly hope to someday be as well-traveled as my art.

Kelly Duncan 2015

Melissa Fair Bio

Born in Oklahoma City in the early 80’s—the years of bad style and distasteful d├ęcor—Melissa knew right away that she wanted to design aesthetic and practical spaces. For Melissa, art is an illustration of life, a physical or emotional moment in time meant to be enjoyed by all. She attended the University of Central Oklahoma and received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, majoring in Interior Design with a minor in Art.  She worked for an architecture firm for many years and became NCIDQ certified in 2009.  Although she had been painting since high school, it wasn’t until after the birth of her second child in 2011 that her desire to express herself with paints was re-kindled.  Melissa paints with acrylic and oils while listening to all variations of music….loudly.  She enjoys painting abstracts and recently found a love for portraits.  Her goal as an artist is to transcend the mundane and express the emotions that capture life through paint. Whether it is a precious photo of someone special or a personalized interior wall mural, Melissa transforms it into a memorable artistic expression with her own special touch.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's Up ?

The artists currently showing their work are
Shayla Guthrie
Lorenka Campos.

Here are some examples of their art--