Tuesday, January 11, 2011


february artists---Juli & David Toro

juli & david will be showing their work beginning february 8

Juli Toro--
Juli uses painting & shadow boxes to depict scenes from some bizarre home where tiny pompoms cover the dinner table & the dresser drawers are full of hair. She is fascinated by how children can imagine & play so easily, & tries to create a childlike curiosity about her own surroundings in order to see them in more exciting ways.Juli graduated fron the University of Florida with a Bachelors degree in sculpture in 2008, & has since then gradually scaled down her work into miniature. she is currently exploring terrariums as a medium for creating mini forested wonderlands & is enjoying the journey of collecting jars & tiny creatures & combining them with succulents & locally harvested moss.
To find out more about Juli's past & future art you can visit sunfunnels.blogspot.com

David Toro---
David's collages are inspired by 60s-80s pop culture , eastern religious iconography, & textile patterns. These collages are representative of the album art that he creates for his music label Rotifer cassettes. David also uses paint to create windows of celestial landscapes.

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