Friday, July 1, 2011


The art change-out will happen on July 11---& be up until August 6---

The artists are Sandra Murphy-pak---&
Chelsea Sydow

Their statements follow---

Sandra Murphy-pak--
My work is about faraway places. It is an homage to hand built architecture from around the world. These hand colored , cut & pasted works are simple snapshots of the beautiful world beyond my own.

Chelsea Sydow--
Chelsea Sydow is a local artist . She moved to Gainesville seven years ago & fell so in love with the community she has decided to never leave (thanks in large part to Satchels wonderful pizza & atmosphere )! She is a third grade teacher & is inspired everyday by her students.

I (Judy) say we are so lucky to have such wonderful work done by such grand folks grace our walls every month.
Thank you all.

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