Monday, August 1, 2011

What's Next ?

The art for August will be up on August 9 through September 3.

The artists are
Danielle Heslep (Zawoy) &
Natacha Monnalisa

Their artist statements follow.

Natacha Monnalisa---

I am an artist from the Dominican Republic & currently reside here in Gainesville. My style is a unique combination of vibrant colors, clean lines, & a blend of surrealism, realism, & abstract designs that illustrate my experiences. My drawings are the basis & blueprints to all my paintings. The drawings are kept simple through a minimal use of lines which are just enough to convey feelings & ideas in a whimsical & fantasy like manner. When transferred onto canvas , my medium of choice is acrylic due to its versatility & adaptability to a variety of uses & methods , as well as its high resistance to the elements. Acrylics can give me crisp colors , which I use to add impact & boldness , or can also act as watercolors permitting me to add an air of calmness & tranquility to the piece.
However I am not faithful to just one type of medium. Depending on the piece at hand , I may choose to use watercolors,inks, pencils, wood-burning stained glass, mosaics or a combination of some or all. Regardless of the media utilized in my pieces, the artwork remains true to my form & style. In the past year, I completed several series (each containing over twenty mini drawings & paintings) that explore, reflect, & embrace all the experiences , feelings & emotions that make us who we are,.
Overall, art is my ultimate expression & greatest passion !

Danielle Heslep (Zawoy)--

Local artist, Danielle Heslep has enjoyed drawing ever since she could pick up a pencil. She works with a wide variety of media : graphite, charcoal, soft pastels, pen & ink & acrylic paint , watercolor, granite engraving, & digitally creating art with Photoshop. Some of her favorite styles to create in are manga & combining realistic components into surreal/ fantasy artwork.
Currently Mrs. Heslep is majoring in Graphic Design at Santa Fe College. On May 28, 2011, she was married to Jeff Heslep who helps her achieve her goals & dreams. They currently reside in High Springs , Florida where Danielle teaches art & guitar to many wonderful students. Going forward, she plans to continue developing her own illustration business as an artist & graphic designer, blending together the best of digital & traditional art forms. Danielle also plans to continue teaching; it is one of her greatest joys to show others how to have fun while creating , learning, & expressing oneself through art & music.
To see more of Mrs. Heslep's artwork, please check out her website : http://cyberange18deviantart>co

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