Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's Next ?????

The new art will go up on Sept. 3.
you have until then to see what's up right now.

The Sept. artists are Ardee Roberson & The Rogue Lemon.
Here are their statements.

Adee Roberson is a visual artist & musician who lives in Florida & California. She believes in ART as a commemoration of the natural world & our ancestors. She creates through MAGIC, DREAMS, & INTUITION.
Some of these works are about the magic & mystery of the Trinity ( pyramids, triangles, third eyes, etc ) . Others are an ode to the cosmos, obscure historical figures, legendary black gay icons, & my friends.

The Rogue Lemon--

"Put away your toys ....It's time for dinner!"
As a kid I remember feeling absolutely devastated at the prospect of having to put away my toys to eat or go to bed. "How could they do this to me ?" I thought. " Battles were being fought ! New worlds were being discovered ! Important stuff like that shouldn't take a back seat to food or sleep!"
Of course my perspective on this has changed a bit over the years but I can still appreciate the complete immersion children experience during playtime.
As adults , we can easily forget the intense drama we felt during play. After all , it's just injection molded plastic. But to a child, these pieces of plastic embody what it is to be hunter, hunted, victor, vanquished, prisoner, hero, villain......confused, lost, afraid, or empowered.
My " Just A Game " series seeks to revisit the world of miniature toys. Through controlled depth of field and lighting I explore the rich drama and excitement of play.
Anything is possible ........and it is anything but just a game.

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