Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's Next??

The October art that will be up in the restaurant will be the work of
Andrew Masseo & Jason Armadillo.

This is what they have to say :

I draw and paint cartoony creatures and have been doing so for over 20 years. Influenced by animation , comics, and sci-fi movies, I try to make things that both kids and adults can enjoy. I'm excited to be back again at Satchel's this October --that's "MONSTER MONTH" for me.

Although I stick to a certain style of specific looking art , I do try to experiment with different mediums. With this new series of work , I've introduced a little more variety into the mix than I have in the past.
Creations will be in a variety of media and live on various surfaces. Additionally, some pieces can be for everyday use , not simply to hang on the wall.

Expect bat wings, pointy tails, and sharp teeth.

I hope folks like it.

And in support of Halloween creatures , I will be donating a portion of my art work sales to the Lubee Bat Conservancy.(

My name is Masseo. I am a proud father of two and adoring husband to the only one. Self-taught and wrought with ardency I fight the good fight . To work. To find time to work. Painting that same picture day after week after month after year. Entrenched between the lines of sanity and calamity , sweltering in a garage adrift the citronella ether. Fans all abuzz , hands filthy with enamel, honing my methods over and over and over again. One's influences are sundry and most times due to change . Subject matter, not unlike a beloved medium , come and go --but the work , the work it never ceases. And for that I am beholden.

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