Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What's Next??

The art that will be in the restaurant for the month of April is by-

Mercedes Neibaur & Esau Rodriguez.

Here are their statements--


Mercedes is an artist that is presenting various paintings that represent mix media and watercolors.

She has been studying art her entire life. She comes from a long tradition of art. She was born in Vic, Spain (North of Barcelona). Her father was an artist specializing in still life, portraits and landscapes using oil canvas as his medium. Out of these cobblestone streets scattered with aspiring artists was born a passion for beauty. She began her early artistic career studying in private studios in Spain. These studies included drawing and working in her father's oil studio. After coming to the US at the age of seventeen, she continued to study in the deserts of Nevada and later in Florida. She has attended Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and was a fellow at Crealdés in Winter Park, Florida. She currently studies with Linda Pence.

Has been a professional artist for 9 years in realism, controversial art and pop art. Voted one of most versatile artist of SW FL by Pulse magazine. Originally from Mexico and also a Professional Chef. 

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