Sunday, May 31, 2015

What's Next??

The arists who will be showing their work in June are
Arupa Chiarini & Bob Freeman.

Here is what they have to say about their art--

For most of my life I pursued writing as my art form, with some

>> success. 
>>   I had published one book of poems, one children's play, and appeared 
>> in 
>> various anthologies. I also had a few plays produced, here and in St. 
>> Augustine.   About 20 years ago, in response to a case of writer's 
>> block, I decided to take up painting.  I fell in love with it!  I am 
>> self taught and my paintings are mainly fantasy landscapes. 


Bob Freeman is an artist living in Gainesville's Southeast Historic District.

From 1999-2012 Freeman had a studio at the Tench Art Studios in Downtown Gainesville and was part of a group that started Artwalk. In addition to showing work at his studio, Freeman has shown work at numerous locations around
Gainesville. Many of his drawings and paintings are urban landscapes that reflect the area around Downtown.

He was a founding member and Artistic Director of the Acrosstown Repertory Theater for fifteen years before acquiring studio space at the Tench.

Freeman and his wife , Arupa, are the founders of the Home Van , a volunteer organization working to bring food and services to the downtown homeless , as well as working to alleviate homelessness in Gainesville.

Freeman has been an artist since 1966 and has shown at numerous shows and exhibitions in Gainesville and throughout the country.

Before settling in Gainesville , Freeman had a studio in Athens , Maine where he painted delicate landscapes of the
Maine woods. Before moving to Maine , he worked and exhibited in Greenwich Village and other venues around New 
York City. He was also a performance artist in several Off Broadway and experimental theater venues.

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