Friday, July 3, 2015

What's Next???

The artists showing work in the restaurant beginning July 7th are
Sarah Whitmire & Darlene Muto.

Here are their statements--

Sarah Whitmire, Mixed-Media Artist
5200 NW 43rd St STE 102-170 Gainesville, FL 32606 | |
Artist Statement:
Drawing on shamanic, sacred, and intuitive art influences, Sarah Whitmire paints her remarkable inner journey of awakening and conscious connection.  “It’s much like a meditation when I’m painting; I never know what I’m going to paint when I begin.  I often start with my hands and acrylic paint, making marks that have meaning for me and allowing for sacred connection and journey.”  Her creatures and compositions often morph and change in the process.  This unique approach is exciting for the viewers who assemble to watch her paint live at various events and nightclubs in her local city of Gainesville, FL.  “When I paint it’s an almost ecstatic birthing, a rhythmic heartfelt dance with the divine, and I think people are drawn to that energy.”  
“Firstly I paint for myself, for connection, for a visual reminder of that connection.  Secondly I paint for those who want to be reminded of their own connection, their own magnificence and magic, and I hope they can see themselves in the work. “ 
Painted on reclaimed doors, Sarah’s most recent body of work, titled ”The Path”, explores a secret place where the doors to self and the highest imaginings are waiting to be opened.  Here we find unconventional heroines, demons, ancient guides, and glimpses of portals to other worlds and perhaps also into our inner selves.  

Sarah Whitmire is an award-winning, internationally-published mixed-media artist who lives and works in Alachua, FL.  She is an active member of the Gainesviile Fine Art association and can be reached at .  To see more of her work visit:
“Why do I make art? I believe it is my sacred heart calling, my souls surrendering…I believe I came here to be a creator of worlds.”

Darlene Muto, of Muto Art, was born in Tucson, Arizona on December 16, 1979.  With a family comprised of artists and musicians, her creativity was nurtured allowing her to be the person she is today.  From a young age, drawing and painting were an instinct that evolved into the career she cultivates.  Her artistic studies have included several different colleges such as Pensacola State College, Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts College of Art, and Florida State College of Jacksonville. 

How I connect with color.  To me it is an emotional connection.  My tools are vibrant, high contrasting colors and brush strokes that portray my zest for life.  My artwork emerged from a past tainted with sexual violence.  I suffered in a dark world for several years.  I was lost.  Today, however things are very different, I am not lost any longer!  The brightness gets brighter everyday compared to the darkness I have survived.  Determined to rise above, I hold my memories near and use my vulnerability to speak to my audience through my artwork. 
Though things are not perfect, I am a prisoner of hope.

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