Thursday, March 31, 2011


The artists for April are long time friends Kathleen Wobie & Lorelei Esser. They also just happen to be long time friends of mine. ( 1974??!!!)
Their work will be on the walls of the restaurant beginning Tuesday April 5 through Saturday April 30.
This will be a great show ---don't miss it. 

Artists statements follow ---plus check out their websites for a preview---

Kathleen Wobie---

After a run on her litter of encaustic cats this fall Kathleen Wobie has resurfaced with a new group of homeless characters that she's taking out for a pizza & a look at the local scene . Drop by, have a look & rescue one of these critters.

Lorelei Esser--

I see my present work as a Display of the Sustainable Spirit. Creating form from energy that has been dormant , lost or fallen from an animal or tree, from the sea, washed up & breaking down, man-made materials left behind to rust , rot or wear away, making it's way , rock to grain , to the eternal .
These things that we see as lifeless are in a constant state of change & gradual movement.
I gather wood, stone, plastic, metal , glass, paper, rubber, peeled paint, any material that I can read into the story. I design by form & find , & I am amazed at what is revealed in the process, the energy has come together from the memory of what once was , a purpose , a sentimental journey, an attachment to us.

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