Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Up --Art by Scott Stanton, "Panhandle Slim" & Tex-his 5 year old son

here is scott's artist statement : 
"My name is Scott Stanton "Panhandle Slim" and I am from North Florida just next 
door to Alabama. I live in Savannah,GA now with my family. I like to paint ART 
for FOLK. I have been painting these paintings on plywood for a long time. 
It's a good feeling just knowing that my paintings are hanging in peoples' 
homes, buisnesses and offices across the world. My paintings have landed in the 
hands of some famous folk and some common folk. One person(a Georgia fan) even 
bought one of my paintings(Bear Bryant) so he could break it in two pieces. 
 peace and take care, 
"Panhandle Slim" " 
tex's statemnent:

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