Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's Next ???

The artists for July are Chelsea Sydow & Matt Herman.

their statements ----


Matt's lived in gainesville on and off since 1989 and has been creating carnival games, pinball art , and bike stunts for years. These pieces are inspired by his childhood at the Jersey Shore , playing pinball and laying quarters on the gaming wheels. The bicycle wheels are all salvaged from peoples trash and the majority of the wood used has come from scrap piles. The stencils are shot with spray paint using paper on Mylar stencils created from photographs.


I have been living in Gainesville for 9 years after I came here for college and decided not to leave . I have been painting random pictures and murals ever since. Gainesville is a melting pot of musicians and artists and I have always been inspired here. I am also inspired by color, optimism, and my students. I teach third grade and love Satchel's and am so thankful for a place that supports local artists AND has great pizza. : )

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