Friday, June 7, 2013

What's Next ???

The artists of the month for June are Liz Wilson & Todd Bicker.
Some words about their work :

Liz Wilson--

Liz Wilson lived most of her life in the Northeast, moved to gainesville in 2005 , & passed away in May 2011. She was a writer & an artist. She was also a loving mother, a devoted grandmother, & a wonderful friend. She is greatly missed. She left behind a body of work that is a testament to many of her greatest characteristics : a love for natural beauty, energetic color, & free-spiritedness. Like the subject of many of her paintings , she was in full bloom & was with us too short a time. She loved coming to Satchel's with her family & we hope that in sharing her art work here, others can have a little taste of her artistic spontaneity & love for life. Enjoy !

Todd Bicker--

Native born Todd Bicker has been picture framing on & off for twenty years. After having owned 3 separate art galleries in South Florida he moved to Gainesville & got involved in The Repurpose Project. His involvement sparked an idea to use reclaimed wood from historic houses he remodels as a contractor. Milling, sanding & finishing oak , maple, & heart pine is a labor of love which can be seen in his work. The show at Satchel's Pizza is comprised of historic photographs of Gainesville using at least 80% reclaimed materials. Each frame is custom made & has a story behind the materials used  Each photograph has a unique story behind it as well. Come by & look & learn about this wonderful city we live in & above all, learn how to re-use, reclaim & Repurpose !

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