Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sara nash-november artist

artist statement---
 I have been painting for 4 years. Mostly I paint trees. I use a combination of observation & liberal interpretation that arises from felt experience. I explore perspectives of trees that my everyday life affords me, the glimpses from my car or bike as I go about the final busy year of my doctorate. I have favorite trees throughout the city, ones I glance at hungrily as I fly past on my way to somewhere else. Improbable survivors, they seem to exist in secret relationships to each other & to what remains of their earthen landscape.
I'm drawn to paint urban trees that are part of my regular visual experience. I rarely paint an entire tree, preferring the perspectives I most commonly see, such as bases or midsections. In my compositions I filter out the clutter of buildings, sidewalks & streets, suggesting a trace of the environment's original enchantment. Perhaps this is my attempt to reckon with increasingly less access to wild, natural scenes in contemporary life.

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