Sunday, November 21, 2010

what's next.

satchel raye will be showing his paintings in the restaurant in december 2010 & january 2011. you'll see images soon .

here is his artist's statement-

I wasn't making a living as a painter so I chose to open a restaurant that
combined my love of pizza and art.  Since I was very young I enjoyed and was
good at drawing. I started to paint in college and have been painting now
for over 20 years. Painting is my favorite hobby. When I paint there is no
pressure and stress and I escape to the freedom of childhood.
Since I was young I was excited by folk art, or outsider art. I paint with
latex house paint on masonite or wood and make my own frames. I enjoy
combining shapes and colors in abstract patterns and it seems there is
always something to see in them and everyone sees something different.
Lately I have been going between symmetrical and asymmetrical paintings.
This year they are symmetrical, or "semi-symmmetrical" as I like to think of
them. While they are meant to be quiet and humble, sometimes they surprise
me and seem loud and flashy. Come see them for yourself and enjoy some great
pizza too. 

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