Wednesday, November 24, 2010

what's next.

lennie kesl will be showing his art in the restaurant beginning december 7--continuing through january 2011.

about lennie: Kesl studied at L’Atelier Fernand Lager in Paris, France in 1949 and at the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1956 to 1957. He earned his master’s degree from Michigan State University in 1957 and spent the next 35 years teaching throughout the country. 
“I went all over the place,” Kesl said, “Alaska, Cincinnati, Montana. I was an art teacher for 35 years. I retired at 65 and became free to paint, sleep a lot, read a lot, do whatever I want.” 
Lennie taught at the University of Florida from 1968---1972----& at Santa Fe Community College from 1972--1991.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

what's next.

satchel raye will be showing his paintings in the restaurant in december 2010 & january 2011. you'll see images soon .

here is his artist's statement-

I wasn't making a living as a painter so I chose to open a restaurant that
combined my love of pizza and art.  Since I was very young I enjoyed and was
good at drawing. I started to paint in college and have been painting now
for over 20 years. Painting is my favorite hobby. When I paint there is no
pressure and stress and I escape to the freedom of childhood.
Since I was young I was excited by folk art, or outsider art. I paint with
latex house paint on masonite or wood and make my own frames. I enjoy
combining shapes and colors in abstract patterns and it seems there is
always something to see in them and everyone sees something different.
Lately I have been going between symmetrical and asymmetrical paintings.
This year they are symmetrical, or "semi-symmmetrical" as I like to think of
them. While they are meant to be quiet and humble, sometimes they surprise
me and seem loud and flashy. Come see them for yourself and enjoy some great
pizza too. 

Tiddly Winks

According to my exhaustive research ,Tiddly Winks was an adult craze in the 1890's , then fell into "disrepute" as a simpleminded children's game.  But it seems that to this day it is played competitively by simpleminded folks who claim places like Cambridge, Oxford, & Harvard as their alma maters.
These are some images of Tiddly Winks boxes of yore.

One can join the fun & purchase Tiddly Winks at Lightnin' Salvage .


Here it is ---our Tiddledy Winks!

artists to come

we have a tradition around here that december & january are satchel & lennie art months.  lennie kesl & yes, THAT satchel.  so--beginning december 7 & going through january 5 the walls in the restaurant will be adorned by the work of these two long-time friends & fellow artists. i'll have more to tell you soon about their individual art stories. trust me --it's not boring. the art ---or the artists.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

christina rohan--november artist

artists statement---
My work is inspired by the abundance of wildlife that encompasses north central Florida. I am native to Gainesville & have observed how the landscape has changed over the years in order to keep up with the growing human population. The boundaries between artificial & natural landscapes have become more defined, as manmade structures continue to encroach upon the natural environment. Through my art I explore the relationship between nature & commerce. I began using imagery of neon & artificial colors to portray our local wildlife as a reflection of the commercialization of florida landscape.
I moved to New York City in the fall of 2009 to attend art school. I missed the ability to connect to nature , a resource that is a constant inspiration to me. I returned to Gainesville to reconnect with what inspires me to make art. I am currently studying painting at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Florida.

sara nash-november artist

artist statement---
 I have been painting for 4 years. Mostly I paint trees. I use a combination of observation & liberal interpretation that arises from felt experience. I explore perspectives of trees that my everyday life affords me, the glimpses from my car or bike as I go about the final busy year of my doctorate. I have favorite trees throughout the city, ones I glance at hungrily as I fly past on my way to somewhere else. Improbable survivors, they seem to exist in secret relationships to each other & to what remains of their earthen landscape.
I'm drawn to paint urban trees that are part of my regular visual experience. I rarely paint an entire tree, preferring the perspectives I most commonly see, such as bases or midsections. In my compositions I filter out the clutter of buildings, sidewalks & streets, suggesting a trace of the environment's original enchantment. Perhaps this is my attempt to reckon with increasingly less access to wild, natural scenes in contemporary life.